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Drilling side CNC router Stamp machine working Metal mould engraving machine  

One vertical spindle for flat engraving, one horizontal spindle for drilling or engraving on the side of the materials.


WMT40U with 40W laser was special for stamp engraving include acrylic,rubber,plastic and other non-metal material.


This model is suit for metal mould, metal rolling mould, metal embossing, bronzing and other metal engraving.

MT-Y500 laser cutter for steel ATC woodworking route Laser die board cutting machine  
Adopt high laser power YAG 500w, easily to do the metal cutting works like the iron, steel, aluminum, with high accuracy.  

The program can work automatically with the ATC function, advanced 3D carve budget and stable broken line can make sure carving speed and precision ,

  50W MT3050D with rotary clamp was professional in engraving cylinder include glass bottle,cup and other round material.      
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