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machine de découpe laser CO2 d'acier MT-LY150/200

machine de découpe laser CO2
Principales de travail:
Machine de découpe laser CO2 est un machine de découpe laser à gaz, le longueur de l'onde est de laser est de 10.64μm,
co2 gas is filled in the discharges tube as the medium to produce laser. When high voltage is added to the electrode, it will produce glow discharge in the discharge tube and then the gas molecule will discharge laser .after the energy of laser is strengthened, it will form the laser beams to process the materials. Automatic cutting is controlled by digitalized mechanic system.
Product performance indices
Higher cutting speed and low cost, operation safe and stable function.
The cutting edge keeps Smooth and fine.
Directed by imported servo motor and drive mechanism, semi-flight optical transmission.
Dedicated software enables graphic or text to be instantly designed or processed. Flexible and easy operation.
Product application
Co2 laser cutting machine work on metal or non-metal plates or tubes, special for S.S plate, iron plate, aluminum, ceramic, silicon chip, and diamond cutting. MORNTECH Laser cutting machine are widely used in industries of metal, glassed, precise mechanics, hardware productions, steel structuring, vehicle parts, decorations, posters etc.
Model type:
MT-LY150 MT-LY200
Model type
Max laser power
Laser wave-length
Cutting thickness
Max cutting speed
Min.line width
Repeat positioning accuracy
Working area(mm)
1300X2500mm(made to order)
1300X2500mm(made to order)
Control system
Professional software
Professional software
Total power consumed
Power supply
220v/50 60hz
220v/50 60hz
Cooling mode
Water cooling
Water cooling
Main parts
Water chiller; exhaust fan.o2 device.
Water chiller; exhaust fan.o2 device.


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