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In acrylic laser cutting machine processing, how to use

In acrylic laser cutting machine processing, how to use

     Acrylic on wood, this is only the most common carving material, it can easily be cut and carved, with a variety of shapes and sizes, relatively low cost. There are two glass production process: casting and rolling, laser engraving machine is mainly produced by casting the glass, because it is produced after the laser engraving frosting effect is very white, and produced the original transparent texture contrast, rolling way production of glass in the laser engraving will still be transparent, not a sufficient contrast effect. You want to buy plexiglass dealer stressed the good kind of high-purity, or buy back the material may be carved or cut melting phenomenon.


     Under normal circumstances the use of plexiglass carved way back, that is carved from the front, back view, which makes the product more three-dimensional. Carved in the back when the first will be mirrored graphics, and sculpture faster, lower power. Such as sculpture when power is too high, that there is no flat bottom striped, if they wish to carve deeper to try a few more birds. Carved in the back of the case should be first on the local color shading at some carving too deep, and then use the flame polishing machine polishing, can be coloring. If not polished, from the front to see the color will not be uniform.

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     PMMA is relatively easy to cut, such as customers ask for much, can be cut after delivery, without further fire polishing. Otherwise, the cut should be used inflatable devices to improve cut quality. Cutting more than 8mm in plexiglass, the large size of the lens should be replaced.

     Note: when cutting plexiglass operator can not leave, may be flame cut.


     After carving the surface clean using a damp cloth


     You can use acrylic paint, other paint can damage acrylic finish.

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