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In the wood processing laser cutter how to use

In the wood processing machine laser cutting engraving how to use

Ordinary mechanical sculpture carving can not be the way the economy point of varying thickness, and therefore does not have the gray form of expression. Dot laser engraving machine is the realization of sculpture, with a gray-scale performance in a natural advantage. This time as far as possible in the design of gray-scale sculpture forms, so that the benefits while reducing the coloring process, saving costs; other means of enriching the performance of carving and increase the level of graphics. Users in use, the first graph of doing different gray fill (first text into graphics), carved black and white mode output options can try the effect of different networks, the accuracy is generally no more than 500dpi.

    Laser engraver materials

    Logs (unprocessed timber)

    Wood is by far the most commonly used laser engraving machine processing of materials, it is easy carving and cutting. Light-colored wood like birch, cherry or maple can easily be laser vaporization, and thus more suitable for carving. Each timber has its own characteristics, some dense some, such as hardwood, carving or cutting is necessary to use more laser power. We recommend not familiar with the wood carving before, be the first to study sculpture features.


    In fact, in the plywood and carved on the wood carving is not much difference, but one thing to note, engraving depth is not too deep. After cutting the plywood edges will be as black as the wood, the key to see if the plywood is manufactured with the kind of wood.

    Wood carving

    In general, the wood carved sculpture is often overcast, and the general requirements for deep engraving depth. This power is generally set higher in case of hard wood engraving after the drawing may cause the color to become darker. To make the color lighter, can increase the engraving speed, try more birds several times. Some wood carving will produce some smoke attached to the wood surface, if the wood has a paint brush can be used with a damp cloth to carefully wipe the paint may not rub if not clean, resulting in finished surface fouling.

    Timber cutting

    Laser cutting machine cut wood, the depth is generally not deep, the maximum cutting depth of the wood depends on the material and the laser power, To cut a very thick wood, to slow the cutting speed, but may cause the burning of wood. Specific operations can try to use large-sized lenses, and the method by repeated cutting.


    After carving wood is burning there will be a general sense, with the match with a primitive wooden background of artistic beauty, its color mainly depends on the depth of laser engraving power and speed. However, some wood is usually soft texture that, no matter how you can not change its color (eg, birch). The color of the finished product, you can use acrylic paint.