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Stone engraving machine card Axis Phenomenon

Stone engraving machine card Axis Phenomenon 
 Stone cnc router machine card axis refers to the equipment during operation suddenly appear in a certain direction card refuses to move the stone engraving machine can not cause the normal operation of the phenomenon. Under normal circumstances screw drive devices are more prone to this problem, the machine in the process of carving a direction suddenly paused, but the motor still buzzing turn. This will cause the machine engraving dislocation, often this problem, you have to pay close attention to timely repair of stone engraving machine.
     Many in the West is not only cultural differences, on the use of the device is a lot of gaps. Equipment in foreign countries generally continued for about 6 hours running time, after all, their relatively short working time; in the country we often see a certain plant equipment is working non-stop working day and night, one thousand days and nights. Everything has a degree, the machine's working time is limited, people are tired to know to stop and rest, but not the same machine to the limit we do not let it stop, it is not stopped. stone cnc router machine is the same, generally we do not let work continuously more than 24 hours, and now most of the machines are used in stepper motor, for a long time in a working state, stepping motor heat, heat to a certain extent will be failure, can lead to lack of motor torque shaft phenomenon occurs card.
     There is another important element is the daily maintenance of the machine, the work day is over be sure to promptly clean up Stone engraving machine table and drive the structure of complex chips, regular lubrication of rails, screw. Many times the sand may be an obscure card may cause the machine axis. Have been very simple things do not make it complicated

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