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Advertising CNC router applications

Advertising CNC router applications

 Advertising CNC router  can be used in advertising, seal industry, craft gifts, arts model industry, wood processing industry, mold industry, and so on industry. For acrylic, color plates, PVC, ABS panels, stone, imitation stone, metal, aluminum panels and other materials engraving and milling machining.

 1 advertising industry: carving, cutting all kinds of signs, seat plate, marble, copper,, font, fonts, various logos, trademarks and other metal materials.

 (2) Craft industry: handicraft, souvenirs engraving all kinds of text, graphics, iron art sculptures, dial.

 3 mold: building models, physical models, hot model, motor, high-frequency mode, micro injection molding, shoe mold, emblems, embossing dies, biscuits, chocolate, candy molds.

 4 seal industry: in the horn, plastic, organic board, wood and other materials stored on the home mats easily engraved seal.

 Advertising engraving machine processing surface is not smooth and jagged:

 Caused by network engraved below the surface Engraving Machine engraving is not smooth and serrated summed up the causes and solutions for customers reference:

 1, first to see if they are just moving the location of the machine, cause the machine base is not fixed, resulting in the processing machine vibration, resulting in jitter caused by carving knife along the surface appears smooth and not serrated. Customers moving engraving machine to machine after a certain position the four corners of fixation.

 2 Second, advertising engraving tool generally does not appear sharp and Duanren collapse caused by carving the surface is not smooth, serrated phenomenon. Found carved surface is not smooth, serrated phenomenon, it should first check the knife used in the model size is applicable, if the handle out too long, knife in the processing time will increase the deformation, this process will lead to surface not smooth and serrated.

 3 There is a processing table is not perpendicular to the spindle and engraving machine, engraving machine to do this time if the X-axis direction occurs when the carving knife is not smooth and jagged surface. This time need to re-adjust the vertical axis.